OMEGA Sanction

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OMEGA Sanction

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The OMEGA Sanction
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United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA
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World Governments, OMEGA Alliance



Precursor to the Sanction

After the exposure of the Vampire species to the world thanks to Julien deGare and Sector Prime OMEGA and its operatives were forced to retreat back to the ancestral city of Enoch for their own protection. Even after deGare's betrayal was brought to light the general consensus of the world population regarding "unnatural" species was not at all favorable. Because of this even though OMEGA was once again allowed to operate in the United Nations allied countries, the reactions they received upon arriving in a location made it very difficult to do a job that relied largely on secrecy.

OMEGA's operational difficulties were further worsened after the first of the Demon Gates opened in the South American country of Peru. After OMEGA's failure to prevent the opening of the gate, thousand of Demons began to pour through the opened gateway, laying waste to much of the countryside. Blaming OMEGA for the catastrophe, world governments began defying the UN mandate and refusing to allow OMEGA to cross into their countries. Because of this OMEGA was unable to gain access to the site of the second Demon Gate in Khartoum (northern Sudan) resulting in the complete collapse of the country's infrastructure. Despite not being present at the second gate, the destruction of the African country only seemed to fuel the anti-vampire movement to the point that even the United Nations bowed to the pressure and ordered the immediate sealing of the borders of member countries to OMEGA and all Enoch citizens, a move currently referred to as The OMEGA Sanction.

The Collapse

Knowing the location of the third Demon Gate was in Washington DC, Jonas Hunter began to warn the United States government of the danger of sealing the borders, warnings which fell on deaf ears. Believing themselves capable of driving back the Demonic Horde the US military evacuated much of the city, pouring all of its resources into keeping the Horde from breaching their defenses.

Unfortunately the US military was no match for the Demonic Horde, now lead by the Demonspawn Magi Aliyan Ba'al. After the wholesale decimation of the city of Washington DC, the Demonic Horde stood victorious. The US government however had prepared for the worst, retreating back to the island of Hawaii in an attempt to protect itself with its remote location. This action left most of the continental United States on their own to fend off the Horde.

Aftermath of the Sanction

After the destruction of Washington DC the decision was made by the leaders of Enoch to ignore the OMEGA Sanction, largely because the United Nations authority quickly began to fall apart after Washington DC's collapse. Although unable to reseal the Gates, the forces of Enoch and the growing OMEGA Alliance were able to fight back against the Demonic Horde, containing their destructive influence as much as possible.

By the time the fourth Demon Gate began to open in Romania, OMEGA was ready. Although unable to prevent the gate from opening, OMEGA's forces were able to successfully use Hiob'Shedim techniques to temporarily seal the Gate, allowing only a small demonic force to cross over. OMEGA saw similar results at the sites of the fifth Demon Gate (Bhopal, India) and the sixth Demon Gate (Gorumna, Ireland).

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