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Samaritha Kain

Information-silk.png Real Name
Angela Maxwell
Information-silk.png Current Alias
Samaritha Kain
Information-silk.png Aliases
The Blood Eagle, Scion of Samael
Information-silk.png Relatives
Kalenn Korpse (father, deceased), Katherine Maxwell (mother), Dean Maxwell (adopted father), Erick Maxwell (half-brother)
Information-silk.png Affiliation
Information-silk.png Base Of Operations
Information-silk.png Identity
Information-silk.png Citizenship
Information-silk.png Marital Status
Information-silk.png Occupation
Leader of OMEGA; assassin; marketing agent
Information-silk.png Education
University of Connecticut

Information-silk.png Gender
Information-silk.png Height
Information-silk.png Eyes
Information-silk.png Hair
Information-silk.png Origin
Samaritha is a secret daughter of Kalenn Korpse and the human decendant of the Angelus Samael.
Information-silk.png Universe
Information-silk.png Place of Birth
Stamford, CT, USA
Quote1.png Do you know why they call me "The Blood Eagle"? I ripped the lungs out of the back of the last person who refused to tell me what I needed to know. Quote2.png
-- Samaritha Kain  



Human Life

Angela Maxwell was born in Stamford, Connecticut to single mother Katherine Tanner. Prior to Samaritha's first birthday, her mother Katherine got married to her fiancé at the time, Dean Maxwell, and Angela was officially adopted. Angela grew up not knowing that Dean Maxwell was not her biological father, and did not discover this until just before she was turned by Jonas Hunter.

Angela's life was relatively typical growing up outside of her very physical nature. Angela became well known for her temper (and subsequent tantrums) as well as her extreme physicality while very young, and her parents tried everything from traditional punishments to meditation techniques and martial arts to get their daughter's emotions in check. Although these techniques helped, they did not remedy the situation.

Excelling at both sports (rowing and softball in particular) and academics, Angela hung out with the more popular cliques in high school until her senior year when Angela's temper once again got the better of her and she attacked a member of the football team after he spread around several disparaging rumors regarding her. Angela spent the rest of the school year in a self imposed seclusion, determined to get her temper under control.

During Angela's time at college she began to rebel from her parents (largely due to their extreme control over their daughter's life prior), and subsequently got into quite a bit of trouble with campus authorities. Angela also began to lash out emotionally, hopping from boyfriend to boyfriend and getting quite a reputation in college as well. Despite all of this Angela maintained high grades and graduated with honors from the school's marketing program.

A Marked Woman

At the age of twenty-two, Angela landed a job at a prestigious marketing firm and quickly began moving up in the ranks. Once again, Angela's reputations for being hot-headed and promiscuous followed her, often getting her in trouble. Despite this, Angela quickly became the lead of her marketing team, much to the chagrin of the other females on the team.

At the age of 27, Angela was approached by her bosses to create a marketing campaign for technology powerhouse Raven Technologies. The marketing campaign was merely a ruse for the "CEO" of Raven Technologies, Jonas Hunter, to meet with Angela privately. Jonas and Angela did not get along at all during their initial meetings, which often ended with Angela blowing up and yelling at Jonas.

In truth, the meetings were arranged by Jonas because Covenant assassins had discovered Angela's true heritage and begun targeting her. After once such meeting, the assassins made their move, attacking her and her team in Angela's office, killing all the members of her team before going after her. When Jonas arrived, he found Angela beating one of the assassins to death with her bare fists. Pulling her away, Jonas brought Angela to a safe house and explained to her her true origin; she was the daughter of Akikagé Sovereign Kalenn Korpse. Angela agreed to be turned on the condition that her family would also be protected by Jonas.

Unfocused Power

After turning Angela (who decided upon the name Samaritha Kain after her turning) Jonas attempted to bring her back with him, however Samaritha insisted on "taking out" the assassins who were trailing her first. After having Jonas lead the assassins Azella and Spike out in to the open, Samaritha insisted on dealing with the two herself. Although hesitant, Jonas allowed her to do so. To Jonas's surprise, Samaritha quickly defeated the two seasoned assassins, beating them into a bloody pulp before his eyes. Seeing the emotional turmoil within Samaritha, Jonas decided that he needed to keep a close eye on her, making her a provisional member of OMEGA.

Over the next few years Samaritha managed to cement her place in OMEGA despite repeated confrontations with the team leader, Jonas Hunter. During this time, the reputations that followed Samaritha during mortal life began to reappear within OMEGA. In spite of this Samaritha managed to become fast friends with the fellow females on her team, Cassandra Troy and Aubryn Darkveil. Aubryn in particular took a liking to Samaritha, noting the similarities in her personality to Jonas's.

After it was discovered she was a pure decendant of Samael, Angelus of Death, Samaritha was asked to bond with Samael's soul within the Death's Mask relic. After bonding with Samael, Samaritha's own emotional imbalance combined with Samael's innate guilt over his murder of Gabrael resulted in several self destructive and malicious tendancies which Samaritha began to display. During this time Samaritha earned the nickname "The Blood Eagle" after ripping a target's lungs out of his back. Samaritha began to relish in this, and began painting large eagles in the blood of her victims at the scenes.

After Samaritha's recklessness resulted in the death of an innocent, Jonas decided enough was enough. Worried about Samaritha's mental well-being, Jonas called in a favor from an old friend. Samaritha was sent off to the Middle East to train with the Nizari master Ezra.

Focus, Discipline and Love

Samaritha's reception of being "shipped off" by Jonas was not favorable and immediately she decided to make Master Ezra's life as difficult as possible. Often sneaking out at night to fullfill her animalistic desires, it was not until Samaritha began to face Ezra's prize student, Hasan, that she began taking the training seriously. Samaritha was unable to innately read Hasan's technique, and despite being faster than Hasan, Samaritha found herself repeatedly losing to him.

After a particular brutal battle, Samaritha finally broke down. Unable to read her opponent and unable to stand up for herself, Samaritha finally gave in to Ezra and his teachings. Over the next year Ezra began teaching Samaritha proper discipline. With this training, Samaritha was able to channel her emotional responses and focus it properly. In her final battle with Hasan, Samaritha kept her cool and managed to fight Hasan to a standstill despite not being able to read his technique. After the battle, Ezra revealed that Hasan was in fact Jonas in disguise the whole time. Samaritha replied that she knew it was him the entire time.

Over the next year, Samaritha continued her training under Ezra, punctuated by periodic battles with Jonas to perfect her new skills. During this time an intense physical relationship began between Samaritha and Jonas.

Return to OMEGA

After two years of training, Samaritha returned to Enoch and her place in OMEGA. Having been formally trained as an assassin, Samaritha began dressing more subtley, often wearing a black and crimson armored suit with a black hood and cloak when out on contracts. Samaritha also became Jonas's self appointed bodyguard and protector, accompanying him on several missions to go out and gather allies for the forth-coming battle (which Jonas referred to as "The End of Times"). During this time Samaritha also began noticing Jonas was disappearing for short periods of time, however Samaritha quickly blew this off as Jonas needing time alone.

Samaritha began noticing increased irregualrity in Jonas's personality, almost like he was a different person depending on his current circumstances. Doing her best, Samaritha tried to provide Jonas with the stability she believed that he needed in the troubling times.

The End of Times

The revelation that it was Jonas himself (under the control of the amalgam personality Zexis Stryfe) opening the Gates to the Netherealm nearly tore apart Enoch. Taking the mantle of leader in Jonas' absence, Samaritha prepared the OMEGA Alliance for what she knew was coming. Leading the new OMEGA consisting of Cassandra Troy, Tiernan Larkin, Vul'Aris and herself, Samaritha travelled to Mt. Fuji for the final battle.

During the battle at the Ninth Gate, Samaritha lead the Alliance in a charge against Stryfe and Lilim. Although ultimately successful in subduing Stryfe, it was not until Samaritha allowed Xi Zhou Lai to reveal to him that she was pregnant with his child that Jonas was able to retake control of his body. Unfortunately the Ninth Gate was already open, and after teleporting the members of OMEGA clear, Jonas seemingly sacrificed himself to protect the world.

While mourning the loss of their leader, OMEGA was attacked again by Michael, the Seraphim and an army of The Phage. Leading her comrades into battle Samaritha succeeded in holding back the majority of Michael's forces, however even the power of the newly ascended Melachim (Cassandra, Vul'Aris and Samaritha herself) was not enough to defeat the Angelus warrior. If it were not for the timely arrival of Aubryn, under the guise of Legion, that Michael was finally able to be defeated.

The Aftermath

Dispite the success of OMEGA in holding back the advances of Michael and The Phage, Enoch and the OMEGA Alliance was left in shambles after the End of Times. Aubryn, unable to handle the mass of souls now within her, began to quickly fall apart under the strain. The Alliance began to crumble as faction began to turn on faction. The entire populace of the Earth itself began falling into anarchy with the remnants of The Phage reeking havoc on the populace. Once again taking control of Enoch and OMEGA, Samaritha continues to be determined to bring order back to the world- even if it means uniting the fractured world under her leadership by force.


Romantic Relationships

Samaritha has always had a reputation for being rather promiscuous, although after her training with Ezra she was able to reign this in somewhat.

Powers and Abilities


  • Vampire Physiology: Modern vampires are in fact humans who have been infected with the Vampire Virus. Contact with the virus restructures human physiology and results in vampires possessing several superhuman abilities.
    • Immortality: So long they continue to consume blood, vampires will not age beyond the physical state he was in when they are first turned. Vampires who are pure-blood (born vampires) generally stop aging in their mid-to-late twenties.
    • Physical Resilience: Vampires are resilient to most forms of injury (certain exceptions apply). Bullets, blades and blunt objects do little to their bodies.
    • Regeneration: In addition to being virtually indestructible, whatever damage a vampire does in fact suffer can be healed through the consumption of human blood.
    • Superhuman Strength: A vampire's base strength level is several times that of a normal human being and is considered superhuman.
    • Superhuman Stamina: So long as they continue to consume human blood, vampires can function tirelessly without rest or relaxation.
    • Thermal Vision: Vampires are able to extend their vision into the infrared spectrum, allowing them to perceive heat signatures visually in order to better hunt down their prey.
    • Vampirism: In addition to the various mental and physical benefits that vampires are heir to, they also possesses the ability to turn others into vampires as well. Each new vampire is traditionally subservient to the one who "turned" them, but some strong-willed vampires have been known to rebel against their masters.
    • Akikage Bloodline: All Akikage vampires have the ability to cloud the minds of those around them, resulting in the ability to blend in with their surroundings and become invisible.
  • Transformation: Since Samaritha is the direct decendant of the Angelus Samael and also having bonded with his soul via the Death's Head Mask she has the ability to transcend her vampiric form into something much more powerful.
    • Melachim Form: Samaritha is able to ascend beyond her normal form for short periods of time, taking a form more akin to that of the ancient Angelus. This form is a great drain on Samaritha and she is often incapacitated for weeks following a transformation.
  • Nervous System Control: Samaritha hold total control over her own nervous system and as a result has extraordinary reflexes, intuition and the ability to mitigate pain.
    • Instantaneous Reflexes: Due to Samaritha's total control over her nervous system Samaritha has exhibited near instantaneous reflexes, allowing her to outmaneuver almost every opponent she has met. This has resulted in a very unique fighting style consisting of many lightning fast strikes and evasive movements.
    • Combat Intuition: Samaritha has the advanced ability to read body language enabling her to read what a person is thinking and tell what they are going to do next before they do it, particularly in the context of combat. She has been shown able to read opponents far faster than herself, along with non humans and even alien lifeforms once she is given a chance to learn their body language. This enables her to identify disguised and transformed people as well.
    • Pain Mitigation: Samaritha is capable of overriding her pain receptors due to her control over her own nervous system. Because of this Samaritha is able to continue fighting after receiving grievous injury and can defer the effects of exhaustion on her body caused from continuous strenuous activity.
  • Blood Magic: Recently Samaritha has begun exhibiting the ability to use blood magic. She has exhibited extreme control over her own blood, able to create objects (weaponry), tendrils, and barriers of it. Samaritha has also begun to exhibit the ability to alter the blood of others, turning it corrosive or boiling it in the veins of a target.


  • Martial Arts Master: Samaritha has long used martial arts training as a way of tempering her anger and agression, mastering Fanged Snake Kung Fu by adulthood. This training combined with her innate ability to read opponents has created an defensive style consisting primarily of evasive moving. Due to this she has not needed to form advanced defensive techniques. However this has been rectified due to Ezra's training along with continued sparring with Jonas.
    • Master Assassin Training: Samaritha has been schooled in all known and many unknown assassin techniques such as pressure points, killing techniques and stealth by the grandmaster Ezra of the Nizari.
    • Weapons Master: Through his martial arts training, Samaritha has become an expert on most melee weapons. She has displayed exceptional swordfighting capability and proficiency with knives, sticks and various other weapons, although her preferences tend towards swords and other bladed weapons.
    • Expert Marksman: Samaritha is a master marksman with many different long-ranged weapons, with unequalled precision.

Strength level

  • Superhuman- Class 1: Samaritha is not known for her strength but instead for her speed. She has exhibited strength consistent with the lower levels of Superhuman Class 1 strength (ability to lift 800 lbs. - 1 ton).


  • Blood Consumption: Like all vampires Samaritha is regularly required to consume a few pints of blood every few nights. Failing to do so would cause the vampire to weaken and after an extended period without blood seemingly perish. A vampire's ability to metabolize blood and their frequency of feeding usually varies however depending on a number of factors: Length of time between feedings, damage or injury to the body, resurrection from a near death state, and excessive use of their supernatural abilities and strength.
  • Unstable Personality: Samaritha has exhibited an extremely unstable personality and for a much of her life was totally unable to contain her temper, often resulting in violent behavior. Bonding with the soul of Samael seemed to have exacerbated this, resulting in cruel behavior and gaining her the nickname "The Blood Eagle". Since training with Ezra and the Nizari Samaritha's temper has been somewhat mitigated.



  • Assassin Armor: Samaritha wears a custom set of padded leather armor with segmented metal plates designed for protection with maximum flexibility. The armor is also designed with many locations to store or hide blades and other weapons.
  • Chameleon Cloak: When out in the field Samaritha usually wears a specialized cloak which is capable of changing colors on its outer surface, assisting with her obfuscation abilties.
  • Various Poisons/Salves: Samaritha uses a variety of different poisons, potions and salves on her missions and stores these liquids in unbreakable vials attached to her belt.
  • Death's Head Mask: The Death Head Mask serves as the phylactery for the Angelus Samael's soul. Although not usually worn by Samaritha, she has been known to wear the mask when going into a particularly difficult battle.


  • Gate Network: Samaritha often utilizes Enoch's Gate Network to create wormholes which allow her to travel anywhere on Earth almost instantaneously. She can control the Network via a controller kept on her belt.


  • Twin Katanas: Samaritha always carries twin ninja blades named "Cain" and "Abel" strapped to her back when going into combat. These blades were specially crafted for Samaritha by Muramasa Sengo after completing her training with the Nizari elder Ezra.
  • Assassin's Blade: Each of Samaritha's bracers has a wrist-mounted spring blade hidden in the underside. These blades can be released and withdrawn via hoop triggers wrapped around Samaritha's middle fingers.
  • Various Bladed Weapons: Samaritha always carries several bladed weapons on her. Although these blades vary from mission to mission they usually include a variety of punch daggers, short blades, throwing knives and blades mounted on her bracers.
  • Various Firearms: Samaritha often has a variety of firearms on her as well. Personal favorites of hers are twin plasma handguns, a sniper rifle, and for when she is going against larger quarries, a rail gun.

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