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Koran Thoth

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Koran Thoth
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Keeper of the Stygian Vaults
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Extremely thin, alien-like appearance
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The last remaining Nephilim on Earth, Koran has been maintaining Enoch during its slumber, ensuring the contents of the Stygian Vaults are never released.
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Koran Thoth in the Techsuit

Tens of millenia ago, The Nephilim ruled planet Earth with advanced science the likes of which man has never replicated. Eventually however, the Nephilim were driven from the planet by the combined forces of Humanity and the Demonic Hordes. Koran Thoth is the last of the Nephilim, left behind to monitor humanity and assist its protectors in any way necessary.

When the city of Enoch went offline 14,000 years ago, Thoth was trapped within the Stygian Vaults below the city. Using the METATRON computer system to keep track of humanity's progress Thoth waited, using the fogger technology it perfected to stay alive. Unfortunately the constant shape-changing this technology allowed for resulted in Thoth forgetting what it looked like, resulting in his current, largely featureless appearance.

Thoth was content keeping to the lower levels of the city until Jacen Powers unleashed the nanite plague within Enoch. Without its nanite foggers to keep its body together, Thoth quickly began to fall apart. Now kept alive by a techsuit created for him by the human scientist Annette Morgan, Thoth has taken a more active role within the city, using his millenia of knowledge to help them prepare for the coming battles.


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