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Information-silk.png Name
Information-silk.png Aliases
Terrans, Homo sapiens sapiens
Information-silk.png Identity
Information-silk.png Universe
Information-silk.png Body Type
Information-silk.png Ave. Height
5'9" (male), 5'4" (female)
Information-silk.png Ave. Weight
172 lbs (78 kg) (male), 137 lbs (62kg) (female)
Information-silk.png Ave. Lifespan
67 years old
Information-silk.png Hair
Blond, Red, Brown, Black
Information-silk.png Skin
White, Brown
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Information-silk.png Sp. Adaptations
Information-silk.png Origin
Artificial evolution triggered by Earth's progenitor race, the Nephilim.
Information-silk.png Star System
Information-silk.png Home Planet




Human beings, Humans or man (Origin: 1590–1600; < L homo man; OL hemo earthly being, also Homo sapiens — Latin: "wise Human" or "knowing Human"), are bipedal primates in the family Hominidae. Humans have a highly developed brain, capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection and problem solving. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage that frees the forelimbs (arms) for manipulating objects, has allowed Humans to make far greater use of tools than any other species on Earth.

Humans are currently widespread on every continent except Antarctica, with a total population of 7.0 billion as of June 2012. World POPClock Projection. As of 2008, Humans are listed as a species of least concern for extinction by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.


Homo sapiens was the last in a line of genetic experiments started over 2.5 million years ago by the Nephilim Evolutionary Academy in what is now called Africa. Created by the scientists Adonai and later Yehweh, the Human race was a progressive experiment in combining the Nephilim's DNA with that of the most advanced primates of the time, the Australopithecene hominids. In order to accelerate the natural evolutionary functions of the hominids, the Nephilim also included an artificial evolutionary function which could trigger instantaneous mutation within the Human genome.

As the Human species advanced, they became increasingly used within the Nephilim Empire as a slave species, and thanks to the relatively quick reproductive cycle of primates it was not long before Humans became so integrated into society that the Nephilim began to rely upon them for the completion of most mundane tasks. As reliance on Humanity increased throughout the Empire so did their resentment towards the Nephilim. Humans began to see themselves as an integral part of society and as a result wanted representation within the Empire. As the dissedence spread, a slave by the name of Rath rose to lead the Humans.

Petitioning the Nephilim leaders for emmancipation and representation within the Empire, Rath lead the first great Human rebellion against the Nephilim. Although largely a peaceful rebellion the Nephilim realized that due to the Humans large numbers they were in fact a grave threat to the Empire and decided it would be most logical to squash any chance of successful rebellion by culling the Human population and setting limits as to how many Human slaves could be owned by each Nephilim. Rath, although not one of the culled, was banished from the Nephilim Empire, never to return.

Artificial Evolution

After the culling the Human race became increasingly insular. During this time Humanity turned to religion and mysticism for comfort. Largely because these concepts were totally foreign to the logic-minded Nephilim these practices were tolerated because they were seen as a harmless distraction for Humanity. As a result of their work in mysticism and a mutation in the Human genome soon Humans began developing the power to tap into the Earth's leylines, developing seemingly-magical powers and giving rise to Homo sapiens magi. During this time the Magi Marin rose to power by teaching the magically inclined Humans to master their powers. Known as the Circle of Marin this group of powerful Magi soon gained prominence in the Human community and soon a new revolution began.

Independence by Force

Under the leadership of Marin and his Circle Humanity again rose up against the Nephilim and despite their thinner numbers were this time successful in forcing their own independence from the Nephilim. The resulting conflict only fostered the growing animosity between the two races and eventually Humanity left the Nephilim Empire, choosing the start their own civilization in northern Africa. Despite this seclusion from the Nephilim the tension between the two species continued to escalate. The Nephilim began to strike out a Human settlements in an attempt to bring their slaves back into the fold, ushering in the War of the Magi.

After repeated intrusions by the Human Magi the Nephilim decided to escalate the war by bringing the space station Nibiru into a low earth orbit and destroying Human settlements from space. It was during this time that the Circle of Marin were looking for their own final solution and in the process successfully breached the dimensional borders for the first time. The Magi Aliyan Ba'al was the first Human to traverse the portals between realms, encountering the Demons of the Netherealm for the first time.

The First Demon War

Soon after returning from the first of his Netherrealm excusions, Aliyan Ba'al began travelling and eventually opened up semi-permenant gateways in each of the 9 dimentional nexus points on Earth. Referred to as the Gates of the Netherealm these portals allowed the demons to enter the Prime Plane for the first time. Allying with Ba'al and the Humans the Demonic Horde began assaulting Nephilim strongholds, ushering in the First Demon War.

Thanks to the combined might of the Human and Demon armies, the tide of the war quickly turned against the Nephilim. As they marched from settlement to settlement the joint army lay waste to all those who stood in their path, killing man, woman and child. Soon the Nephilim were broken, retreating to the stars in order to save their very race from the scourge of extinction. Unfortunately this was not enough for the Demonic Hordes.

Built for war and conquering, the Demonic Horde turned on Humanity as soon as the war with the Nephilim came to a close. Enslaving their one-time allies, the Humans became a race of slaves once again.

The Second Demon War

During the last days of the First Demon War the Nephilim created six hyper-evolved Humans known as the Angelus as a last ditch effort for protection. Unfortunately the effort came too late for them, however after the exodus of the Nephilim five of the Angelus took up a new cause- Save Humanity from the Demonic Horde.

Setting up base around the Demon prison in Stygia, Antarctica the five Angelus began raiding slave camps, freeing the slaves and bringing them back to Stygia. Soon the base camp grew and became a full-fledged refugee city, eventually taking the name Enoch, The First City. Despite all their victories against the Horde, Human leaders knew that no matter how much they fortified themselves and how many Humans they freed, Humanity could not win a war against an immortal foe.

The Tide Shifts

Under the leadership of Gabrael and the Angelus Humanity began a three pronged campaign to defeat the Demonic Horde:

  1. Construct a prison which would draw in the essence of the Demon's killed in battle, preventing their rebirth.
  2. Seal the Nine Gates to the Netherrealm, preventing new Demons from joining the fight.
  3. Segregate and defeat the Arch-devils leading the Horde.


Homo angelus

A result of further experimentation on Humanity by the Nephilim, the Angelus are super-evolved Humans bred for increased durability and intelligence. The Angelus were created as guardians of the Nephilim during the First Demon War. In order to control the population of the Angelus the Nephilim only created six male members of the species, of which only one (Michael) is still alive.

Homo fata

Commonly referred to as Faefolk or simply the Fae, the Homo fata are a result of the interbreeding of humans with the Demons abandoned on Earth Prime after the closure of the Netherealm Gates during the Demon Wars. As varied as the demons who spawned them, the Faefolk encompass dozens of sub-species with most of them feeding on Humans in one way or another. There are currently believed to be 2-3 million Faefolk on Earth, although this number has become increasingly difficult to pin down due to the diversity of their kind.

Homo sapiens magi

Commonly known as Magi, homo sapiens magi are an offshoot of the Human species which has the ability to tap into the Ley-line energy of the Earth, giving them the ability to manifest magic-like abilities. Magi originated during the time when Humanity was enslaved by the Nephilim. It is believed there are roughly 1 million Magi currently alive on Earth, of which over 50% are unaware of their latent abilities.

Homo sapiens sanguinus

Known to the masses as Vampires or more properly Methuselah, homo sapiens sanguinus are in fact a binary species, consisting of a host body and a virus which alters the bodies metabolism and basic structure to better meet it needs. As a result vampire physiology differs greatly from that of their Human progenitors, with several latent genes often being activated in the process. Currently there is an estimated 9-10 million vampires on Earth, with the largest concentration of their population residing in Enoch.

Homo sapiens bestia

A result of magical experiments by a group of Magi known as the Skinwalkers, Therians are a compound species- the magical combination of both animal and man. Therians have the ability to shift back and forth between Human and animal/Human hybird forms at will, although at times of great stress the transformation can be involuntary. There are currently believed to be 2-3 million Therians on Earth, with most of them falling into the Lycan (werewolf) subgroup.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


None known.

Strength level

Varies from Below Normal to Peak Human


None known.



Various, 71% ocean


1 g


77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen


7.0 billion


Government Type

Various (dictatorship, democracy, monarchy)

Technology Level

Technology Level 9- Digital Age

Cultural Traits

Varies from highly compassionate and intelligent to extremly belligerent and illogical



  • The creation story of Humanity in the Dark Earth Universe is largely based on the pseudo-historical ancient astronauts theories of the author Zacharia Sitchin, although in this instance the "ancient astronauts" are in fact a terrestrial species.
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