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Elena Drakos

Information-silk.png Real Name
Elena Tsepes
Information-silk.png Current Alias
Elena Drakos
Information-silk.png Relatives
Arkady Tsepes (ancestor, deceased)
Information-silk.png Affiliation
Information-silk.png Base Of Operations
Information-silk.png Identity
Information-silk.png Race
Information-silk.png Citizenship
Information-silk.png Marital Status
Information-silk.png Occupation
Leader of the Last Crusade
Information-silk.png Education
Privately tutored

Information-silk.png Gender
Information-silk.png Height
Information-silk.png Eyes
Information-silk.png Hair
Information-silk.png Unusual Features
Elena has two scars running down her face from a vampire attack.
Information-silk.png Origin
Elena Drakos, decendant of the great Vlad Tsepes, has dedicated her life to eradicating the vampire menace.
Information-silk.png Universe
Information-silk.png Place of Birth
Targoviste, Romania
Information-silk.png Place of Death
Vezelay, France


Born into the family Tsepes, Elena has forever been followed by her family's dark legacy. Growing up hating her own relatives, Elena was eager to join the Ordo Divinus Venatorum (The Divine Order of the Hunter) in order to assist her in hunting down those that have made her life so difficult.

Elena quickly mastered the trainings of Ordo Divinus and soon proved herself a very capable hunter. After a few years in the field Elena petitioned the elders of the Order for her own commission and although the elders initially refused, Elena was able to eventually change their minds and The Last Crusade was born.

Specializing in hunting vampires, Elena and her comrades made quite a name for themselves in the supernatural world as a force to be reckoned with. It was not until Elena got her hands on the fabled Angel's Tear (mistakenly believing it would protect her) that everything fell apart.

Seeking out the Angel's Tear for Lord Arkady Tsepes a young vampire by the name of Jonas Hunter entered her tower and confronted the slayer. With his newly awakened powers at his disposal Elena was no match for the new Lord of Souls and quickly fell to the vampire. Despite this Elena's soul forever lives on within Jonas, relishing in his compulsive need to kill his own kind.


Romantic Relationships

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